Range Rover Sport

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  • Marka Land Rover
  • Seri Range Rover Sport
  • Model 50 TDI
  • Yıl 2018
  • Yakıt Benzin
  • Vites Otomatik
  • KM 62.000
  • Kasa Tipi Hatchback 5 kapı
Stok kodu: 603317-18 Kategoriler: Etiketler:

Suson India Teakwood set Of 2 stools is made from high quality virgin plastic material with high durability. The product is delivered assembled. Unique Ratten wood finish/texture is suitable for adding aesthetic touch to your drawing room , office, garden, lawn , bathroom, etc.

Each stool Can carry upto 100 kgs weight and is comfortable, stylish and attractive. Bath stool Made of Plastic. Width x Height: 18 inch x 15 inch.Load Capacity: 100 kg.

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