Range Rover Sport

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  • Marka Land Rover
  • Seri Range Rover Sport
  • Model 50 TDI
  • Yıl 2018
  • Yakıt Benzin
  • Vites Otomatik
  • KM 62.000
  • Kasa Tipi Hatchback 5 kapı
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The best part of waking up will be your favorite drink in an artistic and colorful mug from KESS House! These high quality,ceramic mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe, with vivid artwork that won’t fade.Great for all drinks, these mugs will make Monday mornings easier to handle.

Special Mug for a special drink – Green Tea – exclusively designed, Glass with amazing designs to increase the pleasure of having green tea. A healthy and safe companion for your healthy lifestyle. Lovely glass mug with message “Drink Tea, Work, Eat, Read Sleep, Repeat”. Use in Microwave only for reheating purposes.

Ağırlık 1.73 kg
Boyutlar 100 × 37 × 100 cm

Benzin, Dizel, Elektrikli


Kırmızı, Lacivert

  1. Bred Harrison

    After a year of usage the cup got imbibed with water and became heavy. The eatet got filled between the walls of the cup as this is dual layered. In addition to this the cup produced some funny weird noise when tea was poured in it. Incredible item, I love the skill and time put in, all the best!

  2. Christopher

    This is awesome product!! Color was too nice. As Being a sailor, loved this mug and it\’s quote too..\”be a pirate, it\’s better than Navy\”. Good luck with sales!

  3. Tom McFarlin

    A good quality ceramic mug with good print quality. Recommended product. Worth the price. Best for birthday gifts, Simple and looks gorgeous….

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